Our farm produces whole certified organic goat’s milk, pasteurized at low temperature and bottled here at the farm. It is soft, silky and delicate. Never will you taste a better goat’s milk.

Fresh Goat Cheeses

The ancestor of all cheeses, fromage frais is made with creamy fresh curd drained of its water to varying degrees. The cheese’s natural sharpness startles the taste buds, while its light, delicate flavour adds a note of intense freshness. Summertime favourites Faisselle, Quark and our Fresh Chevre (or fresh unripened goat cheese) are absolute musts.

la faisselle

Hand-ladled artisan fromage frais (or fresh unripened goat cheese) prepared with whole certified organic pasteurized goat’s milk. Its flavour is mild, slightly acidic and balanced while its texture is so smooth it is almost sensual. It is ready to eat the same day, after the molding process. Unsalted, it is best enjoyed by the teaspoonful or smothered in fresh fruit for dessert, with a dollop of jam or a drizzle of honey. And of course always the perfect snack, served alongside fresh veggies.


Fresh artisan quark cheese prepared with whole certified organic pasteurized goat’s milk; available plain or flavoured − Herbs, Jardiniere and even Cranberry & Maple. It is divine lavishly spread over a bagel or on your morning toast, or in a decadent cheesecake. Spread it, mix it, cook with it − enjoy it by the dollop !

fresh chevre

Hand-ladled, farmstead-fresh artisan goat cheese prepared with whole certified organic pasteurized goat’s milk, and sold either plain or seasoned in logs − Black Pepper, Herbs, Hemp Seeds, or Ash-Coated. In summer, there is no finer pleasure than the slightly sharp flavour of our chèvre frais tickling your taste buds. Slice it over roasted veggies on a pizza, or spread it on toasted baguette slathered with pesto and a drizzle of olive oil. Always serve it with a fruity, vibrant chilled white wine or a luscious rosé !

Ripened Cheeses

What does a cheese with a pinkish rind and an unctuous centre have in common with a brown-rinded firm cheese ? Both are ripened, but their likeness ends there… During the ripening process, a rind slowly develops on the outer surface of the cheese − its texture is delightful to the palate, and it heightens the flavours and aromas concealed within. Before reaching peak maturation, different cheeses require different steps. These are a cheesemaker’s best-kept secrets. Each one is individually pampered by the artisan cheesemaker who every two days, carefully rinses it with salt water, rubs it and turns it over ! Taste L’Agate, Le Galarneau & Le Tire-Lune.


Farmstead ripened artisan goat cheese prepared with whole certified organic pasteurized goat’s milk, and ladled out by hand. Much like a crottin, it is ripened 10 to 12 days and while its centre is mellow and smooth, its ivory-coloured rind is sometimes speckled with blue. Its rich caprine flavour is sure to bring joy to the palate of those who love a sharper flavoured goat cheese.

le galarneau

Artisan goat cheese with a mixed rind and a supple, smooth-textured semi-soft centre prepared with whole certified organic pasteurized goat’s milk. Soft, unctuous and ripened a minimum of 45 days, its flavour evokes rich dairy-fresh cream and butter with a hint of goat which when served warm, is somewhat sharper. Delicious with an ice cider, a Domaine Acer Val Ambré or a Ricaneux Portageur.

le tire-lune

Artisan goat cheese with a mixed rind much like a tomme de montagne, and a firm centre, prepared with certified organic thermised whole goat’s milk. Aged three to six months and sometimes up to nine months on pine planks, each 4 kg wheel calls for 48 litres of milk. As it ripens, its mixed rind slowly darkens to a rich nutty-brown shade of black, while its firm centre captures notes of hazelnut with a slightly piquant hint of butter. With time, it acquires a splendid depth of flavour. Pairs well with Casa Breton Le Brut sparkling cider.

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